Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today’s Dynamic Work Place

Social, political, financial events continue to change work place conditions from year to year. Forces that affects the entry to job market.

1.Stability:- The career today is not as stable as in previous generation time.

The career today is affected by:-

A) Globalisation

B) Mergers & acquisitions

C) Demanding stockholders (Short Term)

D) Ethical upheavals

E) Relentless quest for lower costs

On the positive side of today are new opportunities, new companies, and even entire industry can appear almost overnight. So career might not be as predictable as career used to be, it could well be more an adventure.

2. Life Time Employment :- This idea where employees spend their entire working time with a single firm that takes care of them through out their careers is gone in many industries.

Boeing, the Chicago based aerospace giant, speaks of life time employability.

Rather than life time employment, putting the responsibility on employees to track market needs and keep their skills up to-date, even changing careers if necessary.

Today employees not only changes employers multiple times but even change careers any where from three to five times over their working lives.

It is always good idea to continue improving your skills, in order to distinguish your self more valuable to current and potential employers. Acquire as much technical knowledge as you can, build broad based life experience and develop your social skills. Share what you know with others instead of hoarding knowledge in the hope of becoming indispensable , helping others excel in skill too.