Que : Meaning of Economics? The word economy comes from the Greek word oikonomos, which means “one who manages a household.”

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Definition of Economics.

1.  Basic Principles of Economics.

2.  Factors of Production & Entrepreneurship.

3.  Which are determinants of supply?

4.  Which are determinants of Price Elasticity ?

5.  Macro Environment- of Business.

6. How does business firms influence the Environment ?

7.  Name Economic Policies Framed by the Governments.

8.  What is Capitalism and Socialism ?

9...Characteristics of Monopolistic Competition.

10.  Explain meaning of Globalization and. list its Characterstics.

11, Which categories of Industries are covered under SSI?

12. Which Small Scale Industries need Registration?

13. Role of Small scale and cottage industries in India’s industrial and economic development.