Thursday, August 1, 2013

What are the ingredients of Action Research Model in Organization Development (OD)? How does it benefit?

Action research is essentially a mixture of three ingredients:

A) The highly participative nature of OD,
B) The consultant nature of OD, the consultant role of collaborator and co-learner, and
C) The iterative process of diagnosis and action.

The action research model as applied in OD consists of:-

(1) A preliminary diagnosis,
(2) Data gathering from the client group,
(3) Data feedback to the client group,
(4) Exploration of the data by the client group,
(5) Action planning by the client group,
(6) Action taking by the client group, and
(7) Evaluation and assessment of the results of the actions by the client group with an OD practitioner acting as a facilitator throughout the process.

Action research yields both change and new knowledge: Change occurs based the actions taken, and new knowledge comes from examining the results of the actions. The client group learns what works, what does not work, and why.

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