Marketing/ Retailing

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1.  Explain holistic marketing-concept ?

2.  What are the functions of a CMO?

3.   What is total marketing orientation?

4.    What is integrated marketing?

5.    What is integrated marketing ?

6.    Quality must its entry ticket to luxury.

7.   What benefits does store channel offer ?

8.   What do you mean by retail channel ?

9.   What information does a retailer need to.collect to develop a strategy to attract customers?

10.  Explain types of consumer needs.

11,  Explain post purchase evaluation by a consumer

12.  Explain various stages of Buying Behaviour

13.  Definition of retail market strategy.

14.  Building sustainable competitive advantage

15.  Benefits of catalog retail channel.

16.  Retail format - Internet Channel.

17.  Define value of branding.

18.  What is branding name ? List types of brands.

19.  Which International Business Strategy is best suited for Indian Apparel company to expand business in European Union?

20.  Define & Explain Ttransnational Business Strategy.

21.  Define and Explain Global Business Strategy.

23.  Define and Explain Multidomestic Business Strategy.

 24.  Name strategies MNEs choose to compete in International Environment.

25. Define & Explain International Business Strategy.

Case Studies  :

1.  How do brands make use of Innovation.?

2.   Study : Level-5 leadership.

3.   Redefining strategy through Logo.

4.  Godrej growth strategy in Asia, Africa and South Africa

5.  Case study: Manchester United Club