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Barriers before Intrapreneurs

As we all know that starting an enterprise is not easy, it requires efforts and proper planning. An entrepreneur needs to check market conditions before starting an enterprise. He/ She also need to generate resources and use them efficiently. Moreover, the entrepreneur needs to keep in mind various environmental and social aspects of the business, before starting the enterprise.
The entrepreneurial barriers are  :
  • Economic Barriers :
    1. Capital
    2. Labour
    3. Raw Materials
    4. Technology  -  Machine & Other resources
    5. Macro  Level Environment & its compliances

  • Non Economic Barriers
    1. Social Barriers
      • Social Norms
      • Practical Values
      • Emotional Blocks
    1. Personal Barriers
      • Lack of Sustained Motivation
      • Unclear or Ambiguous ideas
      • Lack of Vision
      • Lack of clear perception.  
Here , we try to evaluate these parameters  on Girish  Paranjpe Ex CEO of Wipro.   
Girish Paranjpe
Mr. Girish  Paranjpe served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of IT Business at Wipro Ltd., from April 18, 2008 to January 31,2011.

He has been with Wipro for more than 13 years and has headed the finance function in virtually all of Wipro's businesses.

In August 2000, he moved to a business role to head Wipro's fledgling BFSI (Financial Services) practice.

He served as a Director of Wipro Ltd., since April 18, 2008.

He served as Director of Wipro Technologies, Ltd.

He was a Member of Wipro's Corporate Executive Council.

Macro Economic Barriers :

Girish Paranjpe was a keynote speaker for the Fortune Conference, October 8, 2008 in London. Girish spoke about the various measures CEO’s across the world are taking to brace against the downturn. Innovation takes on a different meaning in this scenario. He talked about Wipro’s experience in co-innovating with the customer to help them through the current economic environment.

He introduced the concept of Value delivery where Wipro team got involved with its customers in getting the total solution for sustainable business during recession. It helped Wipro in maintaining a growth rate of 30% plus during bad patch of economy.

 Skill Labour & Knowledge Barriers (Economic) :

He took initiative in implementing the effective knowledge sharing and skill development models. These addressed needs for different levels in the organisation and the specific success behaviours at every role.
 1.        Entry-level program (ELP) - The program covers the junior management employees with the objective of developing managerial qualities in the employee. The target group is campus hires and lateral hires at junior level.

2.        New Leaders’ Program (NLP) - It is popularly known as NLP and aims at developing potential people managers, who have taken such roles or are likely to get into those roles in the near future.

3.       Wipro Leaders’ Program (WLP) - This program is for middle level leader with people, process, business development and project management responsibilities. These leaders are like the flag bearers of Wipro values and Wipro way of doing business. They not only walk the value talk the value but they also have a responsibility of assimilating new leaders with the Wipro culture.

4.       Business Leaders’ Program (BLP) - This is for senior leaders with business responsibility. At this level, people are trained up for revenue generation; and Profit & Loss responsibilities. The program covers commercial orientation, client relationship development, and team building and performance management responsibilities among other things.

5.       Strategic Leaders’ Program (SLP) - This program covers top management employees. The focus is on Vision, Values, Strategy, Global Thinking and Acting, Customer Focus and Building Star Performers. Wipro ties up with leading business schools of international repute to conduct this program for Wipro leaders.

Social Barriers :

He  was  a qualified  CA. By virtue of that to head the financial activities of any firm was quite natural and acceptable.  But he  moved to Business role and took the ownership of those responsibilities which are more acceptable for an Engineer with Management Qualifications. Such a  move socially is discouraged.

But  Mr Pranjpe overcome this thought and moved to accept the responsibilities that included the following business units: Financial Services, Communication, Media, Telecom and Technology vertical. He was also directly responsible for driving Consulting, Business Technology Services, Product Engineering Solutions and other functions under him were Global Delivery, CTO and CIO office & Operations.

Personal Barriers :

In the year 2008 he was appointed as Jt CEO of  WIPRO. Sharing that position is very rare. it is a more complex model. This joint-CEO model was built on strong collaboration and needs high degree of maturity and flexibility.  He took it positively and explained, “But it also has advantages. We took over in April 2008. By then, the clouds of the (financial) crisis were already on the horizon. So we needed more bandwidth at the top.”

When the clouds of financial crisis were over and organisation wanted to return to a simplified model at top, the decision was tough. He could have continued heading the finance portfolio of the business.

He told a newspaper, “So you can’t have collaboration and say that only one of you will succeed in this job. That does not foster collaboration. So it was either both of you will survive, succeed, or both of you will go. And that was always the understanding.”

His vision was clear and motivation intact after leaving WIPRO he accepted an even more challenging role in May, 2006 at Bloom Energy®, a Silicon Valley-based provider of breakthrough solid oxide fuel cell technology that produces clean, reliable, affordable onsite power. He joined as head of Bloom Energy International designated as Managing Director.

As part of his role, Mr Paranjpe will be responsible for developing the global market for Bloom Energy’s presence beyond the US. Mr Paranjpe will also focus on creating new solutions around the Bloom Energy Server, and the flagship Bloom Electrons offering. In an effort to ensure that clean energy reaches millions around the world, Mr Paranjpe will lead Bloom Energy’s initiative in partnering with energy industry innovators, and leading solution and infrastructure providers.

Clean  or Green energy was his dream even at WIPRO.

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